Herzkamper´s stroke of luck
Black Shadow of Rising Rainbow
Jake oft he Devine Firehorse
Phillips ´Black Jack
Phillips´ Billy Bob
Phillips´ Sissy Ruff
Dhana of the Devine Firehorse
Martinolas Ben of Little Horn
Martinolas Curry of Little Horn
Black Chinook Rosebud of Crana
CH Prizm´s Inside Track DNA-CP
Prizm´s Hyperformance
CH Propwash Marshmallow Pies
Muddy Fields Copper Jill
Blackwood´s Yellow Foot Paco DNA-CP
Phillps´ Tuffeldee Ruff DNA-CP
Maya Queen of Dogs
Legacy´s Just Do It
Legacy´s Next Generation
CH Briarbrooks State of the Art CD
CH Rhiannons lil Diamond
Legacy´s Stars and Stripes
CH Briarbrooks State of the Art CD
CH Brightwood´s Liberty Bell
HR Winking´s Lisa
Catch The Beam of Blackwood
CH Legacy´s Leader of the Band
CH Fantasia´s Blackberry Winter
Winkings Blue
Billy Bob´s Berry